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Sobre: What is Low-tech Magazine about?

Low-tech Magazine refuses to assume that every problem has a high-tech solution. A simple, sensible, but nevertheless controversial message; high-tech has become the idol of our society.

Instead, Low-tech Magazine talks about the potential of past and often forgotten knowledge and technologies when it comes to designing a sustainable society. Sometimes, these low-tech solutions could be copied without any changes. More often, interesting possibilities arise when you combine old technology with new knowledge and new materials, or when you apply old concepts and traditional knowledge to modern technology. We also keep an eye on what is happening in the developing world, where resource constraints often lead to inventive, low-tech solutions.

Underlying the common view of a high-tech sustainable society is the belief that we don't have to change our affluent lifestyle. This is not a realistic view, but it sells. However, changing our lifestyle does not mean that we have to go back to the middle ages and give up all modern comforts. A downsized, sustainable industrial civilization is very well possible - and more fun, too!

Low-tech Magazine was founded in November 2007: overview of all articles.

Low-tech Magazine publishes at most 12 well-researched stories per year, and gaps of several months are not unknown. If you subscribe by email, you receive every new article that appears on the blog. Following us can also happen via RSS, Facebook or Twitter. Sister blog No Tech Magazine brings more regular updates.
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